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1. I, ____________________________, of _________________, _______________, the "Client", hereby agree to retain William E. Shanahan of Salem, Massachusetts, the "Attorney", in connection with the workers' compensation claim of ______________, 20___ between the _________________ /U.S. Department of Labor and myself.

2. The Attorney acknowledges receipt of $ __________ as a payment on account in this matter to be held in an escrow account until approval of my fee by OWCP. The Attorney agrees to provide legal services in connection with the above matter. The payment received shall be applied against actual legal services performed for the Client and for costs and expenses incurred.

3. This payment on account shall be applied against legal services performed for the Client, which services shall be charged at the rate of four hundred dollars ($400.00) per hour for the Attorney. The Attorney reserves the right to increase his hourly rate with thirty (30) days notice to the Client.

4. In addition to the hourly rates charged, it is understood and agreed that the final bill to be rendered by the Attorney may reflect the following in accordance with the 20 C.F.R. § 10.703: a) usefulness of the attorney's services to the claimant; b) the nature and complexity of the claim; c) the actual time spent on development and presentation of the claim; and d) customary local charges for similar services

5. The hourly time charges include but are not limited to: hearing appearances, telephone conferences, office conferences, legal research, depositions, review of file materials and documents sent or delivered, preparation for hearings, conferences, depositions, drafting of pleadings, correspondence, office memoranda, travel time, etc.

6. Interim billings may be submitted to the Client from time to time in the event the time charges of the Attorney exceed the initial payment on account. All interim billings shall be due and payable upon receipt unless otherwise stated. Failure to pay interim billings promptly will permit the Attorney after notice to the Client to terminate his representation of the Client. If the client fails to pay any bill within thirty (30) days of receipt, the client authorizes charging the full outstanding balance via credit card on page four of this agreement. The Client agrees to pay interest on any outstanding balance over thirty (30) days old from the date of billing at eighteen percent (18%) per year, i.e. one and one-half percent (1 1/2%) per month.

7. The Client agrees to assume and pay for all out-of-pocket disbursements incurred in connection with this matter (e.g. filing fees, witness fees, direct first class travel, sheriff and constable fees, expenses of depositions, investigative expenses and other incidental expenses); and the Attorney agrees to obtain the Client's prior approval before incurring any disbursement in excess of $___________.

8. In the event that, upon either the completion of the within matter or the termination of the Attorney's representation of the Client, the total cost of the legal services performed by the Attorney shall be less than the amount of any paid on account by the Client, the balance shall be refunded to the Client by the Attorney. The contents of all files are destroyed ten (10) years after the file is closed.

9. The Client agrees that the final bill submitted by the Attorney for legal fees and costs will be due and payable prior to the conclusion of this matter, and in any event prior to the severance of the Attorney/Client relationship.

10. The Attorney will forward to the Client copies of all pertinent correspondence, pleadings and other material whenever practicable.

11. The Attorney and Client hereby agree and understand that no final legal fees have been quoted to the Client in connection with this matter in light of the numerous variables involved and the inability of the Attorney or the Client to anticipate the amount of and type of work that will be required. The Client shall at all times have the right to request a report from the Attorney as to the status of legal fees and costs incurred to date, and, if appropriate, projected legal fees and costs if determinable. The Attorney and Client state further that no results have been suggested or guaranteed by the Attorney to the Client for the within matter, and that the within Agreement is not based upon any such promises or results.

12. In the event the Client shall discharge the Attorney or terminate his services or in the event the Attorney desires no longer to represent the Client, the Attorney shall be paid for all work done up to the point of termination of services, and shall include all services which have been completed and reimbursement of costs expended up to the time of the severance of the Attorney/Client relationship.

This is a Legally Binding Contract. If not understood, seek independent counsel.

We, the Client and the Attorney, have read the above fee agreement and understand its terms and have both signed it as our free act and deed and acknowledge receipt of an executed copy of this agreement.

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Date William E. Shanahan
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Date Client
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I agree to notify Attorney William E. Shanahan immediately of any change in this information.

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